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Biotin is a complex vitamin belonging to the B vitamin family. It is also referred to as vitamin H or “Beauty Vitamin” in the literature. Today, it is preferred especially because it has a natural shine and helps to strengthen the hair.

Keratin is one of the critical and essential proteins for hair production in our body. Biotin supports Keratin production. It is thought to increase the quality of the hair as well as support the acceleration of hair growth.

What are the Benefits of Biotin for Hair Health?

In a 2015 study, women with thinning hair were given an oral marine protein supplement (MPS) containing either Biotin or Placebo twice daily for 90 days. Digital images of the affected areas of the scalp were taken at the beginning and end of the study. Each participant’s hair was washed, and the hair strands were counted to calculate the shedding rate.

At the end of the study, it was determined that women taking Biotin experienced significant hair growth in areas with hair loss. In addition, the hair shedding rate has also decreased.

Biotin has many proven benefits, although more research is needed to evaluate its effects on hair growth.

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Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss 1 Month Set
Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss 1 Month Set

Can Biotin Stop Hair Loss?

In the last few years, the popularity of Biotin has increased greatly. Hair products containing biotin are also increasing in strength. Data from Google Trends shows that people are looking for more information about Biotin today.

Biotin is one of the many vitamins that play a role in the growth of healthier and thicker hair. There are studies showing that it provides a significant increase in hair growth in people with biotin deficiency.

Is Biotin Beneficial for Male Pattern Baldness?

There is only one situation where biotin is effective in preventing hair loss. If he also has “Biotin Deficiency”. While it has proven benefits for hair growth in people with biotin deficiency, it does not have any effect on Male Pattern Baldness.

Baldness in men is often genetic. In some cases, hormonal cases are also seen. Biotin is not a factor in the context of hair loss in men. While biotin is beneficial for hair growth, it does not benefit genetic and hormonal causes.

What Are the Other Benefits of Biotin for the Body?

For example, Biotin is one of the few B vitamins that supports a healthy metabolism. It helps the body convert the glucose from carbohydrates into energy. It also helps amino acids in performing normal body functions.

Some studies show evidence that it reduces inflammation, improves cognitive function, and helps lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. It has also been found to increase good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

Evocapil Plus Tablets contain 5000 µg of Biotin and Selenium.

Evocapil Tablet Biotin
Evocapil Tablet Biotin



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