Are Silicone Free Shampoos helpful?

In this article, you will find information about silicone free shampoos.

Silicone shampoos give really satisfactory results on the first use, but they are not good for continuous use. Because as the hair is washed repeatedly, the silicone layer builds up in the hair and makes the hair heavy and makes it look oily. Worse, it causes hair loss, but if you do not want to give up completely if you have washed your hair with silicone shampoo 3 times, it is recommended to do your 4th wash with silicone-free shampoo so that you can clean it from time to time.

Also, do not use conditioner after washing with silicone-free shampoo because almost all conditioners contain silicone.

Almost all shampoos contain silicone. This substance is added to soften the hair and give it shine, to protect it from external influences.

Even though your hair is dry and dyed, if you have oily and heavy hair, it may be due to the constant use of silicone-containing shampoos.

Silicone emollients cover the skin and prevent any penetration and breathing of the skin. New research has shown that as a result of prolonged exposure of the skin to the sweat barrier, skin irritations occur. Some synthetic emollients are known to promote tumor formation and accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes. These synthetics are also insoluble in soil, so they are not ecological.

Silicone-free shampoos are also available in the market. Evocapil Shampoo does not contain silicone.

Silicone Free Shampoos
Silicone Free Shampoos

Evocapil shampoos are hair care products that do not contain any silicone. Today, harmful chemical ingredients are not desired in hair care products.

The orientation towards natural and organic care products is very popular. The use of products with natural ingredients prevents the deterioration of hair and skin structure and helps to protect health.

Silicone materials give flexibility to the hair according to their properties and may have negative effects on the natural structure of the hair follicle. The most important reason for the use of silicone materials in hair care products is to get rid of the effect of water coming from the outside of the hair, to make the hair shine all the time, and to prevent it from swelling.

Shampoos produced especially for electrified and frizzy hair contain a silicone derivative that provides soothing and elasticity. Hair loses its natural structure after regular use of hair care products containing this product.

Benefits of Silicone Free Shampoos

In many care products used today, chemical materials are added to both extend the shelf life and enable users to think about the positive effect. While the chemicals used provide extra moisture and shine in skin care products, it promises fullness, shine, and long-lasting shine in the hair.

However, in long-term and regular use, it causes hair loss, loss, and deterioration of the hair structure. Silicone-free shampoos are generally products that do not contain a polymer material in their structure. In other words, polymer materials are partially plastic-like products. While these products add shine and elasticity to the hair in hair cosmetic products, they cause serious damage to the hair follicles.

What is Silicone Free Shampoos?

Silicone free shampoos should be nourished in order for the hair to retain its moisture and stay alive. In order to gain this feature, some vitamins and minerals are added to its structure. These vitamins provide nourishment to the hair and ensure that the positive effects of chemical materials are gained naturally.

Vitamins and organic components such as biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D, and caffeine that hair needs are available in shampoos designed as natural cosmetic products. In addition, natural care oils are added to prevent the hair from swelling, shedding, and electrification.

In order to choose a shampoo that does not contain silicone and chemicals, it is necessary to turn to the products of a reliable natural cosmetic brand in this field. Before using the product for a long time, its content should be examined. Those with allergic skin should start using the product regularly by trying it on a certain area before use.

How to Tell for Silicone Free Shampoos?

In order to understand silicone-free shampoos, first of all, the product label on the shampoo should be examined in detail. It is necessary to give detailed information about the product’s content and box.

The best way to find out if there is silicone in the shampoo you will buy is to read the content and if you come across the word “DIMETHICONE or DIMETHICONOL“, it means that there is silicone in it.

In order to inform the manufacturers, there is usually a content section on the back of the package. It should not contain the terms and derivatives of silicone, paraben, and paraffin in the content area. Silicone-free shampoos can be quickly understood in this way in a nutshell.

In order to make sure that the shampoo you use does not contain silicone, you also need to be sure of the reliability of the brand you choose. In the case of regular use of the product, a significant and negative development in your hair may be due to the presence of a harmful chemical in its content. Hair that has become dull and has lost its shine is one of the negative effects caused by harmful chemicals. Silicone-free shampoos have achieved awe-inspiring results in the hair from the first time they are used.

Today, the use of cosmetic products with natural ingredients has become widespread in order to ensure the smoothness of the hair and prevent it from breaking. For this reason, the preference for products with natural ingredients over hair care products is increasing day by day.

When choosing hair care products, you need to evaluate the hair type and the current condition of the hair. It is recommended to consult with an expert in this field in order to prevent the existing problems in the hair from progressing and to have a correct effect.

What is the Content of the Shampoos?

Silicone free shampoos have more nourishing content than other products in terms of content. After using this shampoo, formulated with vitamins, minerals and essential oils, you can easily feel the differences compared to the silicone alternative.

While purchasing shampoo, the information notes and content notes on the package should be carefully examined. Generally, some notes are added to the packaging for shampoos that do not contain harmful chemicals and silicones in their structure.

In order to find shampoos that do not contain silicone, it is necessary to seek support from reliable natural cosmetic brands and research their products. You can visit the store page of MyHairTR website for shampoos that do not contain harmful chemicals, contain natural ingredients, and do not contain silicone.

Formulated as a biotin shampoo and silicone-free, Evocapil shampoo has a content enriched with nourishing vitamins and natural oils so that the hair can be nourished from root to tip and protect its health. In order to provide the care your hair needs, you can review the hair care products and easily create your orders on the MyHairTR website.

Evocapil Plus Set
Evocapil Plus Set

Why Use These Shampoos?

Silicone free shampoos preserve the natural structure of the hair. Thanks to the clean and reliable content of the shampoo, it ensures the protection of the vitality of the hair. At the same time, silicone shampoos, which cause weight in the hair strands over time, can also cause an allergic effect.

Thanks to the regular use of shampoo with natural ingredients, the roots of the hair are not blocked and the healthy growth of the hair is supported. In shampoos containing silicone, the roots of the hair cannot be easily ventilated and chemical components accumulate on the roots of the hair over time.

This causes the pores to become clogged, causing the hair to fall out and not be in a healthy structure. After the use of shampoos with natural ingredients, which are produced as a natural cosmetic product, the hair follicles are nourished and look lively to the tip. It also provides a silky and light texture. Hair care products supported with ingredients such as biotin and caffeine provide nourishment to hair follicles and form the basis of healthy hair.

One of the important issues in the selection of silicone-free shampoo is the protection of physical health. Among the harmful chemicals, products containing paraben can trigger the formation of cancerous tissues. Skincare and hair care products used in this context can cause serious health problems.

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