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Hair Transplant Procedures

ADrugs that Accelerate Hair Growth After Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Procedures; So many people have questions about hair transplant procedure. The Internet provides answers and questions but sometimes that is not enough. Because even slightest operation could make people frightened. But hair transplant in Turkey is not something like surgery. It is more of a procedure or operation. We can call it this […]

What Is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI Hair transplant

We all know that hair loss is a serious problem. In addition to physiologic effects, hair loss or baldness can have psychologic effect as well. This problem is especially common among men. Therefore, men are looking for solutions such as DHI hair transplant to solve this problem. Actually, hair transplant operation can be a permanent […]

The Pros and Cons of Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Pros and Cons

In every matter, there are some pros and cons. This means when you think or do about to something you should consider that if there are more benefits for you or the other way. When you think about this hair transplantation actually pros are more than the cons. Hair transplantation has so many pros than […]

People Mostly Ask Those Questions About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation questions

People always ask some questions about the procedures that they will have and they would like to try getting the answer immediately with the help of the Internet. Hair transplantation in turkey has so many answers to the questions you might ask. Hair transplantation in Turkey is a very safe place to get it. In […]

Opening Canals in Hair Transplant Procedure

Opening Canals in Hair Transplant Procedure

There are some important factors in hair transplant. One of them is new hair roots grow in a different direction when you compare them with your original hair. This is a very common problem among people who get hair transplant operations but the clinics in Turkey are very careful about it. During the hair transplant, […]

The 5 Critical Points in a Successful Hair Transplant

Successful Hair Transplant

For successful hair transplantation, there are some critical points that should be careful about. Hair transplantation is a simple and common procedure and in Turkey, the hair transplant prices are very cheap. Although, these are not included in all the processes. If you will not be careful about some points your transplantation might not be […]

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant is a procedure that so many people from all around World had done. Because it is a permanent solution for serious hair loss problems and thanks to a hair transplant your hair will never be shed again. The hair that is transplanted is going to look like your original hair 6 months after […]

Main Reasons of An Unsuccessful Hair Transplant

3 Main Reasons of An Unsuccessful Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a Worldwide procedure that saves people from hair loss problems permanently. But sometimes the results of the transplantation might be unwished for it. There is some reason that might cause that. Although it is a simple and 99 percent successful operation sometimes things might not be the way that doctors want. […]

Hair Transplantation and Prices in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey has so many opportunities in different ways. When you compare it with the other clinics in other countries Turkey is very ahead. Hair transplantation in Turkey is done by professional doctors and their teams. Turkey is full of advantages in the medical area such as clinics are very big and smurf. […]

What is hair transplant?

MyHairTR - Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is one of the solutions to the problem of hairlessness. If we briefly summarize the hair transplantation process; The hairs extracted from the neck do not fall. Therefore, hair transplantation is implemented through the hair follicles taken from the neck and these follicles can maintain their same characteristics in the transplanted area. […]

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