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Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss?

Hair loss is an annoying issue both men and women suffer from nowadays. We can examine hair loss due to various reasons in two groups. While the first is physiological spills, the other is called pathological spills. Physiological shedding is seen in almost every healthy individual. In fact, there is no loss of hair, as […]

Are Silicone Free Shampoos helpful?

Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss 1 Month Set

In this article, you will find information about silicone-free shampoos. Silicone shampoos give really satisfactory results on the first use, but they are not good for continuous use. Because as the hair is washed repeatedly, the silicone layer builds up in the hair and makes the hair heavy and makes it look oily. Worse, it […]


Evocapil Plus Tablet

Biotin (Biotin) is a complex vitamin belonging to the B vitamin family. It is also referred to as vitamin H or “Beauty Vitamin” in the literature. Today, it is preferred especially because it has a natural shine and helps to strengthen the hair. Keratin is one of the critical and essential proteins for hair production […]

Should products after hair transplant be special?

Haarausfall bei Diabetikern

Blood transfusions, also known as hair transplants, are a very popular practice today, where the concepts of aesthetic anxiety and self-beauty are important. Hair transplantation is performed by experts in the field. The operation appears to end in the process. However, products to be used after a hair transplant should be used in the next […]