Evocapil Plus Tablet And Spray 3x

Original price was: €159.90.Current price is: €145.95.

Evocapil Plus Tablet and Spray 3x set includes 3 Tablets and 3 Sprays

Evocapil Plus Tablets (60 Tablets) Reinforced Formula 3x

Evocapil Plus Tablet is improved with antioxidant active principles, keratin, vitamins, and minerals, in its substance. It increases the versatility of the scalp by normalizing the scalp moisture, assists hair arrangement, avoids hair breakage, and guarantees solid development. It conserves existing hair and anticipates future hair loss. Also, it secures the hair and scalp region against radical impacts after hair transplantation.

Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray x3

Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray is a successful method that quickens hair growth and expansion in transplanted roots after hair transplantation. It expands the anagenic phase which also means the growth phase and avoids future hair loss in non-transplanted areas.



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