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We have an international customer base which has grown as our primary focus is the most customer satisfaction.

We have an experienced team that performed over 10,000 operations in Turkey’s best medical institutions since 2000.

"The only thing that is constant is change"


Our Hair Transplantation Director

Our Hair Transplantation Director

Dr. Faruk Yılmaz

Dr. Faruk Yılmaz who graduated from Bilim University, Anesthesia Department in 2000, completed his educations upon hair transplant in Germany and France. He frequently keeps up with global innovations about the health of hair and transplantation. He attends seminars, conferences, lectures and congresses which organized in the USA, Europe and Middle East for his career development about hair transplantation. Faruk Yilmaz has International experience and also he is one of the popular doctor in Turkey.  He is continued to his successful and innovator works with his 13 years experience as a Hair Transplant Coordinator

Dr. Faruk Yılmaz is famous for his commitment to patient satisfaction, procedural expertise and an abundant body of knowledge in many aspects of hair transplantation surgery. In addition, patients love him for his affable doctor-patient relationship, which has attracted a large following of patients from Europe and the Middle East. Dr. Yilmaz always had an enthusiastic interest in the artistic side of hair transplantation surgery. He views hair transplant as art rather than surgery.


Are You Ready to Change Your Life?


As well as having healthy hair, beard and mustache might carry great importance for men in terms of self-confidence and physical look. However, in some situations men might not have beard and mustache in the density they desire.

The Stages in Hair Transplant

The LHT Method

You might want to prefer this method, if you don’t want your hair transplantation to be evident.

Unlike other methods, no scars occur on your head  and you do not need to wear a bandage. Besides, you do not have to wait for hair growth.

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