Hair Transplantation in Turkey / Istanbul

The hairs extracted from the neck do not fall. Therefore, hair transplantation is implemented through the follicles taken from the neck and these follicles can maintain their same characteristics in the transplanted area.

In order to obtain a successful outcome from hair transplantation, the team conducting the hair transplantation operation should be experienced. Besides, factors such as your hair color, the thinness or thickness of your hair, and your skin color also affect the success of this operation.

The hair transplantation operation takes 4-6 hours depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. It is implemented under local anesthesia and no pain is felt.

Before this process, our doctors determine the number of grafts that can be transplanted by performing a detailed hair analysis.

There are certain issues you need to look out for about 15 days after your hair transplant operation. These issues will be explained to you in detail and also given in writing.

All the processes take only this long.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey / Istanbul

Now that you’re here, you have already decided to change. We are with you throughout the entire process. You’re at the right place.

A person who decides to change his appearance is determined to change his life. You want to choose the safest, most comfortable, and most enjoyable way at the implementation stage of this important decision you make.  This is precisely where we come in.


You start to change, the moment you step out of the plane.

  • Our staff at the airport welcomes you.
  • You are transported to our hotel-like comfortable hospital by our VIP vehicle.
  • In our hotel-like comfortable hospital, our doctor makes a preliminary interview with you to give detailed information about the procedures.
  • Then, our private vehicle takes you to our 5-star hotel.
  • The next day, your blood tests are done and then your hair transplantation is implemented using the state-of-the-art technologies in the method you like (Methods Link) without pain or ache. In hair transplantation, we pay attention to having a natural, the most natural look.
  • After the operation, we take you to your hotel and ask you to get rest that day.
  • The following day, we include you in our tour program with our private vehicle if you like. You enjoy a great tour of İstanbul.
  • The following day, your controls and hair wash is carried out. So your procedures are done. We take you to the airport, again in our private car.
  • You are escorted by one of our translators throughout your procedure.

You start a change as if going for a vacation both emotionally and with your new hair. So, we send you back to your country as a brand new person.

We have an experienced team that performed over 10,000 operations in Turkey’s best medical institutions since 2000.

We have an international customer base that has grown as our primary focus is the utmost customer satisfaction.

If you have a hair loss problem or a hair transplant, you should visit our store.

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  1. prasad says:

    would like to do a hair transplantation for my friend which is residing at united Arab emirates. appreciate if you can update the cost and other procedure to go ahead further.

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