What are the Causes of Hair Loss in Summer?

Hair loss in summer, which is a common problem in men and women, is defined as the separation of hair strands from the hair follicle. The fact that problem of hair loss, which is seen in many people in society, is more than normal, and can also cause a person to lose their hair completely. Many factors play a role in the emergence of hair loss problems in individuals. In addition to genetic factors; Environmental factors also cause hair loss problems in women and men. Hair loss may decrease or increase seasonally. People complain more about hair loss, especially in the summer months.

The problem of hair loss begins to increase with the use of the sea and the pool during the holidays. With the precautions you will take when you go on vacation, you can minimize hair loss. So, how can hair loss be prevented during the holidays, how should the hair damaged by the sea and the pool be taken care of?

Things To Do To Prevent Hair Loss During The Holidays

Some items should be known to prevent hair loss problems. Some habits should be included in your routine both to prevent hair loss and to have healthy-looking hair. The first thing to do to prevent hair loss during the holidays is to pay attention to nutrition. You should not lose sight of the sensitivity you show in your diet. You can prevent hair loss by taking the necessary vitamins and minerals as supplements.

Rebuild Your Vacation-Disrupted Sleep Pattern

Another factor is sleep patterns. Sleep renews the body and plays a major role in preventing hair loss. Your hair is very sensitive to changes in your body, so it is useful to take care not to disturb your sleep pattern during your holiday.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency in Hair Loss

Just like on normal days, individuals need to pay attention to their vitamin and mineral intake during holidays. Eating mainly vegetables and fruits during the holidays also slows down the hair loss problem of individuals. In other words, taking care to consume foods containing antioxidants instead of fast food foods prevents hair loss in individuals.

Individuals who want to give their hair a moist and lively form before the holiday can make a hair mask using argan oil and Indian oil. Relevant oils, moisturize the scalp and hair strands, prevent hair loss and facilitate the growth of new hair. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the shampoo and conditioner to be used before the holiday. It is of great importance that they add strengthening and moisturizing hair care products to their routine.

There is an Evocapil Plus package, which provides hair care, and tablets containing the vitamins you need. In addition, there is a shampoo that moisturizes the scalp and a dermal spray that provides new hair growth. By using these products regularly, you can protect your hair from the negative effects of the sea and the pool.

Evocapil Anti Hair loss shampoo Set
Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Set

Undoubtedly, the thing we do most during the holidays is neglect to drink water. Drinking water has a huge impact on our health. Neglecting fluid consumption can disrupt the balance of your body and cause hair loss. You can take a break from using hair stylers during your holiday. The damage that hair stylers cause to the hair is known by everyone. Styling hair, which is already sensitive and worn out due to reasons such as the sun, pool, and sea in the summer months, carries a greater risk of shedding.

Do Sea and Pool Waters Cause Hair Loss?

Sea water contains about 3% salt. Salt accumulates on hair strands that come into contact with salt water. This salt can also damage the hair and cause hair loss. For this reason, it will be beneficial to rinse your hair immediately after contact with seawater. The same goes for pool water. Chlorine in pool water also contains chemicals that damage hair. Drying and shedding will occur when the hair is exposed to chlorine for a long time. This will cause wear and tear.

Apart from the pool and the sea, another factor that wears out hair during summer holidays is exposure to the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun will break and dry the hair. UV rays in sunlight affect our hair like a chemical. For this reason, wearing a hat will protect you from the harmful effects of sun rays. It is very important to pay attention to the use of hats against the possibility of overexposure to the sun during the holiday. The hats you use should not be tight on your hair, your scalp should be able to breathe. Don’t miss your hat on your holidays! If you prefer to go out in the sun, you can use a hair spray containing UV.

Post-beach care is just as important. You should not neglect to apply masks that will moisturize your hair when returning from the sea or pool. In addition, you should use your conditioner regularly against the negative effects of sunlight on your hair. If you are experiencing hair loss in the summer, try to follow our recommendations.


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