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3 Main Reasons of An Unsuccessful Hair Transplant

Procapil, Biotin, Finasteride, Minoxidil

Hair transplantation is a Worldwide procedure that saves people from hair loss problems permanently. But sometimes the results of the transplantation might be unwished-for it. There is some reason that might cause that. Although it is a simple and 99 percent successful operation sometimes things might not be the way that doctors want. In this […]

Hair Shedding After Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation

Hair shedding is a nightmare for those who get a hair transplant. So many people are complaining about it. They get a hair transplant and after a while, some or all of the hair starts shedding. This means your money and your time is wasted. If you do not want to live such a thing […]

What You Should Be Careful About After

Hair transplantation

Both men and women sometimes have to live with hair loss problems. Basically, hair loss means your hair is shedding all the time regularly. This can cause many problems such as embarrassment, fear of becoming bald, looking ugly, etc. But nowadays there is a solution for all these problems which call hair transplantation. Hair transplantation […]

The Days After The Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is not a serious or major procedure. Even so, you should be careful about it. The days before and after the hair transplantation procedure matter. What you eat, what you wear, the amount of alcohol you take, and some other points you do is very significant in hair transplantation operations. If you want […]

FUE Gold Techniqiue in Hair Transplantation

FUE Gold Technique

There are privileged techniques in hair transplantation. Hair transplant in Turkey will give you those advantage techniques and despite that hair transplant prices in Turkey is very wallet-friendly. When you compare hair transplantation clinics in Turkey with any other European countries, you will see that Turkey is much better than the others. Clinics will you […]

The Secret Formulas of Clinics In Turkey

What is procapil

Hair transplantation in Turkey is made by major clinics and professional doctors. Because hair transplant is an operation that requires a serious process and commitment.  In this article, we will inform you about those clinics and their secret formula for successful hair transplantations. The Secret Formula Is Being Successful in Turkey: Using High Techs 1)  […]

The Recovering Process After A Hair Transplantation

Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss

The recovery process after getting hair transplantation is a subject that concerns people a lot. But actually, there are some critical points that you should do to get your health back. If you follow these orders a year later, your transplanted hair and your health will be better than ever. As opposed that If you […]

The Reasons of Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss

Hair transplantation in Turkey is done in a very effective way and the early term results are so successful. Turkey is one of the leading countries in beauty, health, and other subjects in the medical area. Especially hair transplantation is a very prevalent procedure that so many people -men and women- get. Like men, sometimes […]

The Factors That Might Effect The Prices of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

cost of hair transplantation in turkey

Hair transplantation prices in Turkey might change under some circumstances. The clinic, doctors, types of equipment that using while the hair transplantation procedure, the services which the clinic gives to you, and some other factors can affect the prices. Hair transplantation prices in Turkey have determined some basic and constant factors. In this writing, we […]

Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey

Anti Hair loss Products

Hair transplantation prices in Turkey are affordable and this is the main reason that so many people around World are coming to Turkey for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation prices might change from 2000 to 3500 Euro but it totally depends on which clinic you want to get the operation and which services they give to […]