The Days After The Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is not a serious or major procedure. Even so, you should be careful about it. The days before and after the hair transplantation procedure matter. What you eat, what you wear, the amount of alcohol you take, and some other points you do is very significant in hair transplantation operations. If you want to have successful hair transplantation you should be careful about some subjects after the operation. Otherwise, your effort will be wasted this is not a good thing.

Hair transplantation
Hair transplantation

If you decide to get hair transplantation in Turkey, the doctors, and clinics that do hair transplant is very watchful about the process after hair transplantation. Doctors will give special treatment after the operation. In this writing, we will give you some information about the days after getting hair transplantation.

The Days After the Procedure is Very Important

The 3 days after the operation you can take shower in a very careful way. You should be watchful about the areas in your head because they might cause a little bit of major pain. However, taking shower is not recommended by doctors at all. If you do not really have to take a shower, it is better you do not.

  • The most significant thing in the days after the procedure is that you are regularly using the medicines prescribed to you by your doctors. They will help your wound recover, make your pain pass and provide you with the bacteria.
  • While applying the lotion to your head, you should be very gentle. You should not do it with your nails. The lotion should wait in your head for about 1 hour and then you can wash it with the help of your special shampoo.
  • 2 weeks after the procedure you can take shower easily and safely.
  • Until your hair grows, you should not be under the sun directly and use that.



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