The Recovering Process After A Hair Transplantation

The recovery process after getting hair transplantation is a subject that concerns people a lot. But actually, there are some critical points that you should do to get your health back. If you follow these orders a year later, your transplanted hair and your health will be better than ever. As opposed that If you do not follow your care routine, your recovery process might not be as quick and painless as when you do your care.

 Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation

1-15 Days After Getting a Hair Transplantation

After a couple of days of getting hair transplantation, there might be some rash, swelling, and other complications. But those signs will pass after one week. End of the second week, the incrustations in the transplanted area will get better.

12-30 Days After Getting a Hair Transplantation

About 3 weeks after your procedure, there might be a little shedding in your transplanted hair but it is completely normal you do not have to worry about that. They will grow back; you can be sure about that.

1-2 Months After Getting a Hair Transplantation

In this phase, you can some new hair roots are growing in your head and it is so normal. This is a sign that your hair transplant is a successful one. In that phase, the hair will be thin but as time goes by it will be thicker.

3-6 Months After Getting a Hair Transplantation

The growing of your transplanted hair picks up some speed. Also, your transplanted hair will be thicker. You can observe that, too.

6-10 Months After Getting a Hair Transplantation

The look of you is going to be really different than six months ago. Your hair will be looking like it is your natural hair. Your hair will be longer and thicker.

A Year After Getting a Hair Transplantation

Your hair completely will be looking natural and normal.




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