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Hair Shedding After Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation

Hair shedding is a nightmare for those who get a hair transplant. So many people are complaining about it. They get a hair transplant and after a while, some or all of the hair starts shedding. This means your money and your time is wasted. If you do not want to live such a thing […]

The Days After The Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is not a serious or major procedure. Even so, you should be careful about it. The days before and after the hair transplantation procedure matter. What you eat, what you wear, the amount of alcohol you take, and some other points you do is very significant in hair transplantation operations. If you want […]

People Mostly Ask Those Questions About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation questions

People always ask some questions about the procedures that they will have and they would like to try getting the answer immediately with the help of the Internet. Hair transplantation in turkey has so many answers to the questions you might ask. Hair transplantation in Turkey is a very safe place to get it. In […]

The Stages in Hair Transplant


Hair transplant in Turkey is a new trend. So many people around the World but especially European and UAE citizens prefer Turkey for this operation. This procedure must be done in a very sterile room. Otherwise, your health might be at risk. This is a very important thing. If you want to get this procedure […]

Hair Transplantation and Prices in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey has so many opportunities in different ways. When you compare it with the other clinics in other countries Turkey is very ahead. Hair transplantation in Turkey is done by professional doctors and their teams. Turkey is full of advantages in the medical area such as clinics are very big and smurf. […]

Hair Transplantation in Turkey / Istanbul

Hair Transplantation in Turkey / Istanbul

The hairs extracted from the neck do not fall. Therefore, hair transplantation is implemented through the follicles taken from the neck and these follicles can maintain their same characteristics in the transplanted area. In order to obtain a successful outcome from hair transplantation, the team conducting the hair transplantation operation should be experienced. Besides, factors […]

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