The Stages in Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Turkey is a new trend. So many people around the World but especially European and UAE citizens prefer Turkey for this operation. This procedure must be done in a very sterile room. Otherwise, your health might be at risk. This is a very important thing. If you want to get this procedure the right way you should be careful. You should search the price, doctors and their teams,s and the clinics. After a detailed search, you can decide the place you are going to take the operation. There are some stages in a hair transplant operation. These stages must be followed by doctors, their team, and you. If you want to get a successful operation you should be watchful about the phases.

What are the Phases?

The first stage is ‘Planning’. Planning is one of the most important stages. In the phase, your doctor will be deciding which technique will be using, how many grafts you are going to take, pre-op factors you should be following and etc. If you have questions about the procedure, this phase will answer them.

The second stage is about anesthesia. The stage is very important if you have a disease. Your doctor has to check this and make all necessary blood tests before the operation.

During the surgery third stage is on. In this stage, the doctors will be giving you some local anesthesia and then you will not be feeling anything but you will not be sleeping, either. While you are under anesthesia the doctors will be placing your grafts. This stage might take 3 or 7 hours. When the operation is over you will be resting at the clinic for 1 or 2 hours and then you will be completely free.

The following day your doctor controls your hair and washing is carried out. After the operation, the doctor will tell you what you are going to be careful about. You should listen to them or your hair transplant will not be so good.

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