The Factors That Might Effect The Prices of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

cost of hair transplantation in turkey

Hair transplantation prices in Turkey might change under some circumstances. The clinic, doctors, types of equipment that using while the hair transplantation procedure, the services which the clinic gives to you, and some other factors can affect the prices. Hair transplantation prices in Turkey have determined some basic and constant factors. In this writing, we will be examined those factors.

1) The most important thing that affects the prices of hair transplantation is doctors. It is so important and determinant that if there is a dermatologist or another specialized doctor. Because during the operation there might be some malfunctions and it is vital that a doctor can interfere with it. This is a very significant factor about determined of hair transplantation prices in Turkey.

 Hair transplantation prices
Hair transplantation prices

2) Hair transplantation is not a major procedure but yet it is a procedure that requires a surgical team and equipment. Therefore, we can call it a surgical procedure. Because of that, the transplantation must be done at a hospital or a sterilized area. Otherwise, it is not recommended that you should get hair transplantation.

3) The team is another important factor that might affect the prices in Turkey. Because a doctor is important but the team is more important than the doctor himself most of the time. So, the team must be in that room and help the doctor. This is very important, too.

4) Using high-tech equipment is a predictive factor, too. All this equipment is shipped from another country and of course, there is a cost to get them. So, the types of equipment are very significant when it comes to the price.

5) Before and after tests are significant. Because the plan of operation must be done according to them. If your clinic does those tests, the prices you will pay might be a little bit higher.

6) Besides all of that, if you are coming from another country, all your costs will be included in the price.

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