Opening Canals in Hair Transplant Procedure

There are some important factors in hair transplant. One of them is new hair roots grow in a different direction when you compare them with your original hair. This is a very common problem among people who get hair transplant operations but the clinics in Turkey are very careful about it. During the hair transplant, operation hair grafts are fit gently in your head by doctors. For fitting right your hair canals must be opened very carefully. Otherwise, the problem that we talked about above will find you and your hair will be looking so different than the other ones. An opening of canals is a very significant operation and must be done with high caution.

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

Opening Canals is One of the most Important Phases in Hair Transplant Procedure

While doctors open up the canals for hair roots they must be very attentive. Opening canals properly will affect your hair growth directly. If you do not want your hair looks like grass you should be very careful when you choose your clinic and you should search for the team. You can reach people who get a hair transplant and talk to them about it. You can ask them if they are happy with their results or not.

Opening a canal basically has 3 stages that doctors are really careful about. Which are;

  1. Wideness and depth of canals: For a natural look your hair roots must transplant at a 30-degree angle. The slope of hair roots should be looking at your face. Canals must be opened considering the wideness and depth of your hair roots.
  2. An angle of the canals: In your temporal is the degree should be 45 and on top of your head, the degree should be 60 for a proper transplant.
  3. Direct of the canals: For a natural look your canals must be in the right direction.

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