Hair Transplant Procedures

ADrugs that Accelerate Hair Growth After Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Procedures;

So many people have questions about hair transplant procedure. The Internet provides answers and questions but sometimes that is not enough. Because even slightest operation could make people frightened. But hair transplant in Turkey is not something like surgery. It is more of a procedure or operation. We can call it this way. Because there are no major incisions and you will be fully awake. The anesthesia is done only in your head and this is because you should not be feeling anything. Besides that, so many people do not a proper information about the hair transplant operation. In this article, you can find your answers about the hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Procedures
Hair Transplant Procedures








How many stages?

Hair transplant operation has 6 basic and necessary stages. Which are;

  1. Preparation for hair transplant operation
  2. Giving anesthesia before the operation
  3. Gathering grafts
  4. Preparing the grafts for transplantation
  5. Open up the slides
  6. Fitting the hair roots


Totally it takes 3 or 7 hours for the procedure. During the procedure, you will not be feeling anything and you will be awake. So you can talk to the doctors and their team. You will capable of doing that. Even some patients read a book during the procedure. But of course, you do not have to do that.

Before the procedure one of the most important things is you must pick somewhere you can stay after the operation. Otherwise, you will not be rested so well and this can cause different problems. You should not eat the fatty thing before the surgery. You can eat vegetables or fruits. This can make your operation goes easily.

Hair transplant operation is not something that you afraid of. It is a very easy procedure and when you think about the results it is totally worth it. If you want somewhere you can get it safely, you definitely should go and get it in Turkey.



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