How to Take Care of Hair After a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair transplantation is preferred by people who are suffering from hair loss and it can bring a permanent solution to the problem.

The procedure is conducted by taking healthy hair follicles of a patient’s own, and implanting them into the bald area of the scalp. It means hair follicles are taken from the “donor site” and harvested on the “recipient site”. The hair transplantation procedure both looks natural and helps patients to feel more comfortable and confident with their appearance.

What is more, the recovery process is not very challenging when the convalescence is supported by convenient products. You need to be in contact with the treating clinic in order to know which products are the best products for your scalp after a hair transplant.

Dermatologists advise not to wash your hair within 48 hours after the procedure. However, they also suggest special after-hair transplant shampoos to protect newly harvested hair. While picking up the appropriate shampoo, you also need to be gentle with your scalp and avoid rubbing your skin, do not forget that it is normal to feel itchiness in the treated area.

“What is the best shampoo after hair transplant?”

You may consider “What is the best shampoo after hair transplant?” or “Can I use my regular shampoo after hair transplant?” The answer is, it is not advised to use regular shampoo or conditioner that you have used before the procedure. Because you need to avoid using shampoos that contain certain chemicals, regular shampoo may damage newly harvested follicles and lead to irritation since your skin becomes more sensitive.

There are special shampoos designed according to the needs of the skin after a hair transplant. Those shampoos include beneficial ingredients that help to heal your skin and support the growth of hair all over the scalp. It is also wise to use after hair transplant shampoos in order to protect healthy hair from falling out.

.Evocapil after hair transplant shampoo 2

The best way to find appropriate shampoo is by consulting with experts in hair transplant.

Hair transplant specialists recommend Evocapil Plus shampoos.

Evocapil Plus / Evocapil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo helps to regenerate damaged skin, moisturizes the scalp and reduces irritation, prevents infections, and supports the growth of new hair follicles.

Evocapil Shampoo, the Ph value of the product is 5,5 which is ideal after hair transplant period. It contains ingredients that help the process of healing while supporting hair growth. 

Myhairtr Evocapil recommends using Evocapil products after hair transplantation. You can buy Evocapil products from our website. www.myhairtr.com/shop

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