The 5 Critical Points in a Successful Hair Transplant

For successful hair transplantation, there are some critical points that should be careful about. Hair transplantation is a simple and common procedure and in Turkey, the hair transplant prices are very cheap. Although, these are not included in all the processes. If you will not be careful about some points your transplantation might not be in the way your way.

Critical Points in a Hair Transplant Operation

hair transplant
hair transplant

1-Right Diagnosis and Planning

For planning hair transplantation, first of all, you must know the reason for hair loss. These steps will guide you rest of the hair transplantation procedure. For example, if a patient’s hair loss is continuing, the plan of transplantation must be organized in light of this information. Otherwise, the results will not be good enough.

2-Gathering Hair Roots in A Healthy Way

In FUE and DHI, it is very significant that gather hair roots in the right way. The way of growing hair roots must be considered and transplantation must be done according to it. If you would like natural hair, you should be careful about this subject otherwise your hair will not be looking like the natural ones. Therefore, gathering the hair roots has a very important point in hair transplantation.

3-Preserving of Hair Roots

hair transplant
hair transplant


The hair roots that are gathered from you must be conserved at +4 degrees. And the other important thing is that they need to be in a special solution that is made for hair roots. The other important thing is that the hair roots must not have waited for longer than 5 minutes. But generally, they are transplanted in 1 or 2 minutes.

4-Placed of hair roots

For a natural look, it is so important that hair roots are placed in the right way. It is a very critical phase.

5-The Care:

If you want successful hair transplantation it is so important that you are taking your medicines regularly.

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