Top 5 Questions and Answers About Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Nowadays there is a subject that makes people curious about which is hair transplantation. When it comes to some medical issues people are very curious about the procedures naturally. The Internet provides you with real and major information about the subject. . In this writing, we will answer the top 5 questions about hair transplant procedures.


Hair transplantation


Question 1: Does the hair shed after hair transplantation?

As required of the hair transplantation process your transplanted hair will shed after the procedure but it is a normal period you do not have to worry about it. It sheds because your transplanted hair needs some space to grow normally. The 2 or 4 weeks after the hair transplantation operation there is a slight shedding but you can be sure that is only temporary.


Question 2: Is it a surgical procedure?

No, it is not at all. Hair transplantation is a very no serious procedure but of course, there is local anesthesia and there are some little scars.


Question 3: Is there any disease that might cause shedding of transplanted hair?

It is a very rare situation actually but there is a little change you can through with it. Some serious sickness might trigger the shedding of transplanted hair.


Question 4: Is there any pain with the FUE technique?

The threshold of pain might show some differences from person to person. The doctors will give your local anesthesia so you will not be feeling any pain during the procedure but after it, if you do not use your medicines there might be a little bit of pain.


Question 5: How long does a hair transplantation procedure take?

Actually, it depends on the graft numbers which planning to transplant on you. But generally, it takes a couple hours. You can watch a film, read a book or look at your phone during the procedure.


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