General Informations About Hair Transplant

A Hair transplant is a very popular procedure for the last couple of years. It became so popular because the results of hair transplantation are so certain and permanent and most of the patients do not show any sign of side effects. Because so many procedures have side effects. Of course, there might be side effects a couple of days after getting hair transplantation but mostly there are no risky results. Thus, hair transplantation is a very safe way to get rid of hair loss problems. Hair transplantation in Turkey is another way to get it. Because clinics in Turkey are very professional in this area. They use high-tech equipment for hair transplants. Besides that, they give you VIP services like a VIP van, a place to stay (which is 5 stars hotel), and post-operation recommendations. When you consider all of that hair transplants cost 2000 to 3000 Euros in Turkey. But you can be sure that every penny you will give is worth it.

If you want to get the best results you should be careful before and after the operation. It is not a serious surgical procedure but yet it is a procedure that you should be careful about. Otherwise, your hair transplantation operation will not be good enough. Forgetting the best results of hair transplantation you should take good care of yourself.

hair transplant in turkey


What Should You Do Before the Hair Transplant Operation?

It is not a very long list it is very important that you should follow them:

  • If you take alcohol, you should not drink it the 3 days before the surgery because doctors will give you local anesthesia.
  • Some painkillers like aspirin are not good for your blood. You should not take them one week before the procedure.
  • If you have any kind of chronicle disease like asthma, high blood pressure, or heart you must tell the doctors about it.
  • On the day of the operation, you should take bath and shave your hair before the hair transplantation operation.
  • You should not drink coffee, tea, or something including caffeine the day before the operation.
  • On the day of the operation, you should wear something like a shirt because after the operation your head might give you a little bit of pain while you are dressing t-shirts.
  • You really must have breakfast before the operation.


Besides that, before you choose your clinic you should make a search using the Internet. MyHairTr is one of the best clinics which gives you a hair transplant. We have our VIP services. We arrange all the things before coming to the clinic. If you come from another country, we will provide you with a VIP car and a 5 stars hotel.

You should be careful about the clinics which are only interested in your Money. MyHairTR uses high-tech equipment during the hair transplantation procedure and the doctors they have are very professional and have so much experience.

If you follow those instructions above, your hair transplantation will be perfect and you will be back in your health in the very short term. You can be sure about that.

What Should You Do After The Hair Transplant Operation?

It is very significant as before. If you will not follow after-instructions your health might be at risk and your results might not be perfect at all.

After the procedure, you must certainly be careful about your medicines. Your doctors will give them to you and ask you to use them regularly. Otherwise, you can get some bacteria or something like that and that might cause you in danger. The second significant thing you should be careful about is you should not bumping your head. Your head will be so fragile after the operation and bumping it somewhere can cause serious pain. When you are sleeping you lay down on your back and stabilized your head in an upper place. Your pillow must be proper for your head.

But the most important about after-instructions is you must stay away from the shower. Because after the hair transplant operation you may want to take a shower but this can be no good for you. And the other important thing about it. You must use your medicines properly and regularly. Otherwise, your scars might not heal and this can cause pain.

Pros and Cons of a Hair Transplantation

Every procedure has its own pros and cons. In hair transplantation procedures, the pros are more than the cons. Hair transplantation has so many pros such as the hair that is transplanted into your head will never be shed again. This means you will not be bald for the rest of your life. The other pros of hair transplantation are, that it is not only limited to hair. Hair transplantation is a procedure that is suitable for the beard, eyebrow, or mustache. So if you think that your beard is not the way you wish you can get beard transplantation, too. You do not have to be completely beardless to get beard transplantation. Other pros of hair transplantation are you will get your self-confidence back. Because of hair loss so many men lose their self-reliance. However, with hair transplantation, you can be more self-confident than you used to be.

Pros_Cons- hairtransplant in turkey

As you can see, there are so many pros of hair transplantation but the most important one is you will get your self-confidence back. The other one is, that you do not have to scare anymore about losing your hair.

When it comes to the cons, there are not many of them. The cons are more about the complications during and after the procedure but it is not very common. But besides that, the main cons of hair transplantation is about time. When you get hair transplantation it might take a little bit of time such as 3 to 7 hours. However, if you are willing to do that it is not going to be a big problem for you. But you can read a book or watch something on TV. So we can say that time will not be a problem for you at all.


If you have a hair loss problem or have had a hair transplant, you should definitely visit our store.

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