Things to Consider About Washing Hair

What you need to know about washing hair is very important but people actually wash their hair whenever they feel dirty. Unfortunately, this move is not the right move. Each hair has its own way and time of washing. So, is it harmful to wash hair every day? Which hair type should be washed and how often? We have compiled the answers to all the questions about hair washing for you in the continuation of our article.

Washing Hair For Hair Types

Washing Methods According to Dry Hair Types

The most important point in dry hair types is to maintain the oil balance. Hot water and daily washing are very harmful to dry hair types. Washing already dry hair types with hot water daily will make them drier. For your dry hair type, which you will wash every 2 days, you should definitely use products that do not contain harmful substances such as intense sulfate and paraben after showering. Products such as creams that you will use after showering will moisturize your hair and prevent it from becoming drier.

Washing Methods According to Normal Hair Types

People with problem-free and normal hair types can create a washing routine according to their wishes. According to experts, the ideal washing method is once every two days. If possible, try to accustom your hair to this routine. After the second day, your hair will be oily and this will nourish your scalp. After standing like this for a few hours, you can perform the washing process.

Washing Methods According to Oily Hair Types

A washing routine is very important for oily hair, which is one of the most disturbing hair types. Since your hair is always oily, you don’t need to use a nourishing treatment or moisturizing creams. If you have oily hair type, you can wash your hair whenever you want. There is no need to wait for days and walk around with shiny hair that you are uncomfortable with.

Washing Hair According To Hair Styles

Washing Styles According to Straight Hair Types

If you have straight and fine hair, you probably complain about oily hair. As such, you feel like you have to wash your oily hair every day. If you want to reduce oiliness, you should definitely choose cream-free shampoos. Hair conditioners will cause your already oily hair to become greasy more quickly.

It is recommended that people with straight hair wash their hair every 2 days. If you say “I will use conditioner” for sure, apply the conditioner only to the ends of your hair and prevent it from coming to your roots. If you create a washing routine in this way, you will see that your hair is less oily after a while. By using massage techniques while shampooing, you can easily remove the oils accumulated on your bottoms.

Washing Styles According to Curly Hair Types

Curly hair is generally one of the least greasy hair types. For this reason, it is recommended that people with curly hair wash their hair at least 3 times a week. Curls of curly hair that are washed frequently will deteriorate. If you don’t want your curls to deteriorate and you want them to look more prominent, let your scalp get oily and don’t wash your hair more than 3 days a week.

Washing Methods According to Dark Hair Types

Dark hair is among the types most prone to fading. For this reason, it is recommended that people with dark hair wash their hair at least 3 times a week. Dark hair that is washed too often loses its pigment and has a pale appearance.

If you do not want to achieve a matte look, you should avoid excessive washing. If you wash your hair every day, gradually get used to washing it every 2 days and then every 3 days at the most. When you get used to this routine, you will observe that your hair is much more lively and not greasy than before.

What is the Most Accurate Washing Hair Routine?

Under normal conditions, the hair washing routine should be every 2 days. Washing the hair every day causes it to become more oily and dry instead of cleaning it. Our scalp contains natural and beneficial oils that will make our hair healthier. The appearance of these oils may be uncomfortable, but allowing the hair to become oily helps us maintain our oil balance.

When you do not allow oiling, uncomfortable conditions such as irritation, dandruff, drying, and flaking occur on your scalp. Especially in the summer months, we have to take a shower every day due to sweating. In such cases, you can choose not to wash your hair when you take a shower or just take a shower without using shampoo. Despite all this, if you still say “I should wash my hair every day”, we definitely recommend you choose natural shampoos. In short, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day.

Evocapil Shampoos are natural and suitable for washing hair every day.

Washing Hair with Evocapil
Washing Hair with Evocapil

8 Mistakes Made While Washing Hair

* Long Waiting for the washing

People who do not know the washing routine according to their hair type usually wait for their hair to be oiled for days and wash it like that. You don’t need to do this! If you feel your hair needs washing, wash it. You should know the creams and shampoos that you should use only according to your hair type.

* Using Shampoo in Every Bath

If you are someone who takes a shower frequently, you should not use shampoo every time you wash. Shampoo dries the scalp and causes unwanted discomfort. You can take a shower every day, and you can wet your hair, but you should not use shampoo!

* Washing with very hot water

The bath is very relaxing for the body, but we cannot say the same for the hair. Showers with boiling water are very damaging to the hair. Hot water causes the scalp and hair to dry out. If you want your hair not to lose its vitality, we recommend washing it with warm water.

*Changing Shampoo Frequently

Don’t ruin your hair just because I’m going to try new shampoos. Changing shampoo frequently will damage your hair. Especially if it is not a shampoo suitable for your hair type, you risk your hair that you look like a baby.

* Drying Hair with a Towel

When the hair is wet, it becomes more sensitive than normal. After getting out of the bathroom, we recommend that you dry your hair in gentle ways instead of drying it with hard moves. The best is to wait for a while with a towel and then use the hair dryer.

* Combing Hair While Wet

When wet, the hair becomes more sensitive as we said in the previous article. For this reason, it is very harmful to comb the hair when it is wet. If you insist on combing your hair, take care to comb the hair softly without pulling.

* Not Getting All of the Hair Wet

Before starting the shampooing process during the bath, make sure that all parts of your hair are evenly wet. After your hair is all wet, you can start foaming hair by lathering a small amount of shampoo.

* Shampooing the Whole Head

Contrary to popular belief, it is not helpful to shampoo the entire hair. Instead of applying shampoo all over your hair, you should apply shampoo to your scalp and nape. And don’t forget to wash your hair gently!


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