Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Spray 3x Pack

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Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Spray 60 ml

Evocapil scalp care spray against hair loss is used on a single product for men and women.

It will prevent the hair from hair loss risk and makes the hair young and vivid again.

It makes a difference against hair loss prevention and prolonging the growth of hair cycle by activating weak hair follicles with 5% Procapil agent. Prevents future hair loss and regrows hair.

Evocapil Skin Spray is often used in the long-term treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia.

In the composition of Evocapil scalp care spray It contains apigenin, oleanolic acid, biotinly tripeptide-1.

Evocapil hair care spray increases the hair cycle by activating the weakened hair follicles.

The effectiveness and reliability of the Evocapil anti-hair loss care spray are based on a scientific formula that has been proven by clinical research and tests.

Usage: After washing your hair with Evocapil hair care shampoo, it is applied to clean hair and, at normal times, once or preferably twice a day in the morning and evening, by spraying 5 times to the areas with intense hair loss and massaging and leaving it like that, not rinsing.


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