The Plague of All-Time Hair Loss

For men suffering from hair loss, the causes range from hereditary traits to underlying medical conditions, lifestyle choices, and more. If you notice a hairline or thinning hair on the top of your head, the first thing to remember is that you are not alone.

In fact, studies show that about 85% of men experience significant hair thinning by the age of 50. Still, you may be wondering: What causes baldness in the first place? Here is everything you need to know.

What is Hair Loss?

Apparently, both men and women experience hair loss every day (about 100 hairs, actually). However, once you have healthy hair, the old hair is quickly replaced by new ones. As a result, you won’t notice hair thinning or other signs of male baldness in the crown area. Naturally, when we use the term “hair loss” in a general sense, we are not referring to this process. This is because true hair loss occurs when the regrowth cycle is disrupted and the follicle is damaged beyond repair.

Alopecia is another meaning of hair loss and it can take various forms, affecting only your scalp or occasionally removing all hair from your body. The most typical type of alopecia among men is male pattern baldness which accounts for about 95% of hair loss. If you notice thinning in the crown area, this is male pattern baldness. However, if you have patches of hair falling out of your beard or other areas, you may experience a more serious type of alopecia. It needs to be investigated.

What are the Symptoms of Hair Loss?

The symptoms of hair loss may seem obvious enough, but in reality, they are broader than expected. Depending on the cause, men’s hair loss may come on suddenly. Some hair loss is temporary, while others are permanent.

Ultimately, it’s important to know about the different symptoms of men’s hair loss and male pattern baldness. After all, there is no harm in being prepared. Here are some examples:

1-) Gradual Hair Thinning in the Crown Area

What starts as a receding hairline is a condition of thinning hair on the top of your head, typically showing male pattern baldness. This is the most common type of hair loss.

2-) Irregular Bald Spots

While most male pattern baldness shows a uniform progression, some men experience random circular bald patches. In more severe cases of alopecia, the hair loss extends beyond the scalp to areas such as the eyebrows or beard. Sometimes itchy or irritated skin precedes the onset of hair loss. This may be caused by stress or infection.

3-) Loose Follicles Sudden Breaking Out

A traumatic event or sudden physical change can shock the system and cause hair loss. In this scenario, the hair loosens from the root and comes out in clumps when you comb, wash, or pull gently.

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4-) Full Body Hair Loss

When you receive certain medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, you may experience temporary hair loss all over your body. Severe cases of alopecia (alopecia Universalis) can also cause hair loss all over the body.

5-) Irritated Scalp

If your scalp shows signs of severe irritation, such as flaking or swelling, hair loss can often follow. An underlying condition such as ringworm may be the cause, so you should see a doctor right away.

What Are the Main Causes of Hair Loss?

For most adult men, hair loss is more or less a fact of life. This is because genetics plays the biggest role and by quite a wide margin. But don’t mean that there aren’t other factors to consider. Here are 6 common causes of hair loss in men.

1-) Hereditary Traits

What causes baldness? The answer is often your ancestors. Indeed, a family history of hair loss does not bode well for your follicles as you age.

2-) Basic Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions, such as ringworm or a thyroid condition, can upset your hormonal balance and cause sudden hair loss as a result. Some conditions (such as certain types of lupus) can cause scarring of the scalp, causing permanent hair loss.

Conditions such as diabetes can damage the immune system and cause hair loss, such as alopecia areata.

There is also a hair-pulling disorder known as trichotillomania, which can cause temporary hair loss (assuming the follicles are not damaged).

3-) Excessive Stress

Many people experience temporary hair loss after a physical shock or traumatic event. This is mainly due to the relationship between stress and hormone production.

4-) Lifestyle Choices

Diets lacking protein, iron, and essential vitamins and nutrients have been associated with hair thinning, while smoking has been claimed to accelerate symptoms of male pattern baldness.

According to some studies, both excessive weight gain and rapid weight loss can lead to certain deficiencies and cause hair loss.

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Evocapil Plus Tablet

5-) Wrong Hair Care

If you constantly use a hairstyle that pulls the roots, such as tightly tying the hair, or braiding the hair, this can cause a hair loss known as traction alopecia. If your bleaching, dyeing routine, or hot oil hair treatment damages or damages the follicles, this can likewise cause hair loss.

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Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

What are the factors that can cause hair loss?

In some cases, male pattern baldness is basically unavoidable. However, this is not the same for every individual. Therefore, you need to protect yourself against the most common risk factors. Here are the risk factors that can trigger hair loss;

1-) Hereditary Family History

If your relatives (especially on your mother’s side) have male pattern baldness, you are more likely to experience it as well.

2-) Effects of Aging

The older you get, the more likely you are to join most men with sparse hair on the top of their heads or men showing other signs of baldness. This can result from hormonal changes, hereditary traits, or both at the same time.

Especially the imbalances in DHT Hormone lead to clogging of capillaries and cause hair loss.

3-) Excess Weight Fluctuations

Sudden and extreme weight loss or weight gain is often bad for your body and is also an indicator of poor lifestyle choices. It’s okay to lose some weight if you’re overweight, but don’t do it by depriving yourself of much-needed nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or amino acids.

4-) Side Effects of Medicines

Your body responds to some medications differently than others. If you are experiencing sudden hair loss as a side effect, talk to your doctor to look for an alternative remedy.

5-) Extreme Stress and Boredom

Stress manifests itself in all sorts of ways, including hair loss. Therefore, the increased amount of stress represents a risk factor.

Hair Loss Prevention

Since most of the causes of hair loss are genetic, it can be considered an inevitable situation. While this is true to some extent, there are measures you can take to slow the alopecia process.

It is also important to remember that not all hair loss results from an inherited trait. This makes some precautions even more important.

Thanks to the powerful factors, vitamins, and minerals contained in the Evocapil Plus Anti-Hair Loss Set, you can end your hair loss problems by feeding your hair from root to tip.


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