What Causes Hair Loss And How To Treat?

What Causes Hair Loss?
What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss problem, which is frequently seen in women and men, is an aesthetic problem that can cause baldness. In the social and psychological sense, this problem causes psychological depression in individuals. The reasons for hair loss are multiple. If these reasons are eliminated, the shedding will begin to decrease. Some spills cannot be avoided. In particular, genetic spills often result in baldness.

In men, shedding starts from the right and left front of the head. Then, spills start to increase from the peak. The shedding at the top combines with the spills on the right and left sides of the head. Finally, the top part is completely poured up to the nape. In women, it is seen as sparseness and a decrease in the number of hairs in the front part.

What Causes Hair Loss?

In the world of aesthetics, hair has a different place and is valuable for everyone. Hair loss can result in baldness. It is important to act with the advice of a specialist doctor in this regard. The reasons for the hair loss are as follows:

  • The most important reason for hair loss is stress today. Stress, psychological problems, and depressions trigger hair loss. All kinds of diseases that reduce body resistance cause hair follicles to weaken and shedding to occur.
  • Hormonal problems and an unbalanced diet also cause shedding. This problem also occurs when the vitamins that trigger shedding are not taken sufficiently.
  • Chemical substances are also among the factors that cause hair loss problems. Especially chemical-added cosmetic hair products cause shedding. Preferring natural methods in hair care will help reduce or even completely eliminate shedding.
  • Genetic hair loss from a father or mother can also be seen. Solution options for genetic problems are very few.
  • Side effects of drugs used for cancer and similar diseases cause hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs shed body hair quickly.
  • If there is a problem in the development of the hair, then shedding may occur. The problems that occur in the roots also play an effective role in the occurrence of serious shedding.
  • Diseases on the scalp are among the most important causes of hair loss. In particular, the hair-cutting disease manifests itself in the form of hair loss. Some skin diseases also cause hair loss.

Which Vitamin for Hair Loss?

In order to understand whether the shedding is normal or excessive, it should be followed how many hairs are shed during hair loss. Normally, 100 wires in winter and 200 wires in summer are normal. However, if this limit has started to cross, it means that shedding has started. Losing the shine of the hair, breaking it, starting to grow late, weakening, and losing its aesthetic feature is among the most important causes of shedding. Shedding increases with the occurrence of Seborrheic Dermatitis.

Postpartum shedding increases in women. It is a stressful process during birth and 15 days after birth. At the end of this process, an increase in hair loss occurs.

One of the most important reasons for hair loss is the lack of taking vitamins that the body needs. It is better to take these vitamins through food. With a healthy diet, hair loss begins to decrease. Vitamins that are beneficial for the body and reduce hair loss;

  1. Zinc,
  2. Biotin,
  3. B12,
  4. Folic acid,
  5. Vitamin D,
  6. Protein is a vitamin.

If these vitamins are not taken enough, hair loss begins to accelerate. Hair loss is one of the first symptoms that occur when the body’s resistance decreases and the body becomes weak.

Food supplements that prevent hair loss can be used for people who cannot follow a healthy diet.

Evocapil tablets can be tried.

Evocapil Plus Tablets
Evocapil Plus Tablets

Hair Loss Treatments

  1. Hair loss caused by stress, psychological reasons, and similar situations is possible with psychological treatment. The patient’s getting away from stress and doing sports will stop the shedding caused by stress.
  2. Hair loss caused by drugs will end with the discontinuation of the drugs.
  3. Natural shampoo or bar soap should be used for spills caused by chemical additive shampoos and cosmetic products.
  4. Regular olive oil and lemon mixture should be applied to the scalp. Genuine olive oil is friendly to the hair and strengthens the hair roots.
  5. Hair should not be left without air for a long time. Especially on summer days, the hair that is left without air and sweat weakens.
  6. Hair transplantation is one of the current solutions for those who cannot prevent hair loss. In this method, the roots of the hair on the back of the head, whose roots are intact, are taken and these roots are planted in the spilled area. This method has yielded successful results today.
  7. With this method, it is used safely in eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplantation processes as well as hair.


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