Evocapil After Hair Transplant Spray

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Evocapil After Hair Transplant Spray – 60 ml

Evocapil Plus Spray® is a successful method that quikens hair growth and expansion in transplanted roots after hair transplantation. It expands anagenic phase which also means growth phase and avoids future hair loss in non-transplanted areas.

Evocapil After Hair Transplant Spray

It is a natural component which consist of fruits and vegetables. It increments the blood stream beneath the scalp, grows the blood vessels, increments circulation around the root, hence giving sustenance to hair roots and actuates anagenesis.

It is scientifically demonstrated to quicken hair growth

Contribute to thicker hair

Prevents breakage much obliged to the expanded quality

Increase hair shininess

Reduce hair loss.

Usage: After washing your hair with Evocapil hair care shampoo, it is applied to clean hair and, at normal times, once or preferably twice a day in the morning and evening, by spraying 5 times to the areas with intense hair loss and massaging and leaving it like that, not rinsing.


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