Evocapil After Hair Transplant Panthenol Foam

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EVOCAPIL Plus After Hair Transplantation Panthenol 150ml

Evocapil Plus Foam*, which is unique with its high Panthenol ratio of 10%, moisturizes the scalp area after hair transplantation and nourishes it with vitamins.

It has a purifying effect before shampoo after hair transplantation. It is antibacterial when applied to the transplanted area. It provides moisture and comfort without damaging the transplanted follicles.

It provides rapid use and easy absorption without hand contact It restores the moisture lost by the scalp. Prevents the formation of scabs and scars. Reduces edema in the scalp. Easily softens dots after transplantation. It prevents itching redness, irritation. Accelerates wound healing.

It provides additional supplements in complaints such as inflammation and tension in the scalp.

10% Panthenol: Prevents scabbing, provides the necessary moisture to the scalp and neighboring areas that are irritated after transplantation, reduces irritation and provides relaxation. It has antioxidant properties.

40% Aloe Vera: Eliminates the irritation and damage that occurs after hair transplantation, cools the skin, prevents the area from being infected and moistens the area. It supports the rapid healing of the transplant area.

10% Allantoin: Supports skin rejuvenation in the damaged skin area after hair transplantation, reduces edema, and increases the elasticity of the scalp by preventing skin dryness. Offers protection against environmental factors.

4% Urea: It rejuvenates and heals the damaged skin structure after hair transplantation, acts against potential scar tissue formation. Its restorative effect on the skin acts rapidly.

% 1 Chlorhexidine. It has antibacterial properties, clears 99.9% of microbes in the area after hair transplantation and reduces the risk of infection.

Usage: After hair transplantation, it is used to soften the blood dots and skin before the first washing, to provide the required moisture and to prepare it for the first washing. This process is repeated for two weeks, depending on the patient’s condition. Store the product bottle at room temperature. Shake before use. It is applied to the area of transplantation by half-pressing the cap from a moderate distance. Evocapil Plus Foam* should be left in the hair for 15-20 minutes to ensure full moisturizing effects, then the scallp can be easily rinsed with warm water, then cleaned with Evocapil Plus Shampoo


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