Hairloss Shampoo and Spray Set

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Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Herbal Shampoo 300 ml

Care shampoo against hair loss. Evocapil anti-hair loss shampoo specifically designed to prevent hair loss in for all people and hair type.

The combination of the products, used in a timely matter, will increase hair growth and improve the thickness of the hair.

Herbal shampoo against hair loss Evocapil anti hair loss herbal shampoo 300 ml Evocapil shampoo against hair loss.

It has been specially prepared to clean your hair and scalp healthy and to ensure the balance of sebum and ph of the scalp. Evocapil hair care shampoo is suitable for use by men and women.

It is a hair care shampoo suitable for all hair types including sensitive hair types.

It contains apigenin, oleanolic acid, biotinly tripeptide-1, provitamin b5, vitamin e, panthenol and herbal extracts. Active ingredients in its composition: Procopil, panthenol, apigenin, biotin, provitamin b5, oleanolic acid, vitamins e A, b1, b2, b5, b9,

Product Benefits: It helps to care for hair loss. It helps strengthen the hair and scalp. It nourishes the hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Usage: Apply to wet hair with a light massage. Wait for a minute and rinse thoroughly. It can be used Daily. It should be used regularly for effective results.


Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Spray 60 ml

Evocapil scalp care spray against hair loss is used on a single product for men and women.

It will prevent the hair from hair loss risk and makes the hair young and vivid again.

It makes a difference against hair loss prevention and prolonging the growth of hair cycle by activating weak hair follicles with 5% Procapil agent. Prevents future hair loss and regrows hair.

Evocapil Skin Spray is often used in the long-term treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia.

In the composition of Evocapil scalp care spray It contains apigenin, oleanolic acid, biotinly tripeptide-1.

Evocapil hair care spray increases the hair cycle by activating the weakened hair follicles.

The effectiveness and reliability of the Evocapil anti-hair loss care spray are based on a scientific formula that has been proven by clinical research and tests.

When Evocapil scalp spray is contacted to an area other than the scalp, eye, it is washed with plenty of water.

Usage: After washing your hair with Evocapil hair care shampoo, it is applied to clean hair and, at normal times, once or preferably twice a day in the morning and evening, by spraying 5 times to the areas with intense hair loss and massaging and leaving it like that, not rinsing.


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