How to Prevent Hair Loss?


Hair loss is a condition that is frequently seen with gene factors, medical conditions, hormonal changes in the body, and aging. There are many different factors that cause hair loss. If the hair loss has reached the point of baldness or constant shedding, it is absolutely necessary to see a dermatologist or doctor. Hair loss may create an appearance that is cosmetically and physically disturbing. However, there may be serious health problems among the underlying causes. In the light of all this short information, let’s take a detailed look at why hair falls out, what vitamins to take to prevent hair loss, and how to stop hair loss.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

It is considered normal for a person with a healthy scalp to lose approximately 100 to 150 hairs per day. This shedding is not a problem since the hair strands are replaced by a new one. However, if shedding continues and new hair does not continue to grow, this is a problem. The reasons for this problem arise as a result of physical, psychological, and wrong practices.

Stress, hormonal changes, seasonal change, use of shampoo that is not suitable for hair type, chemotherapy, unhealthy diet, and iron deficiency are among the main causes of hair loss. If you see dense hair on the hairbrush while combing your hair, or if you wake up with constantly falling hair on your pillow, you should consult a specialist dermatologist. Let us explain in detail the typical causes associated with hair loss.

Hair Loss Due to Genetic Factors

Genetic factors are among the most common causes of hair loss. This condition is called androgenic alopecia in the medical language. Hair loss related to gene factors is mostly seen in men. The cause of hair loss in men, called “male pattern baldness”, is linked to a genetic condition. Since this type of hair loss can also be seen at later ages, the only treatment is hair transplantation. However, this situation can be prevented if precautions are started.

Hair Loss Due to Iron Deficiency and Anemia

Iron deficiency and low hemoglobin are among the main causes of hair loss, especially in women. Iron helps red blood cells deliver oxygen to our bodies. When there is iron deficiency, it becomes difficult for the scalp to breathe and the hair follicles begin to lose their vitality. When the hair strands cannot hold on to the scalp, gradual shedding occurs. In other words, the lack of iron and blood in the body leads to hair loss. If you have a complaint about shedding, you should have your iron, ferritin, and hemoglobin values ​​checked.

Hair Loss Due to Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes caused by giving birth, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid problems can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. In addition, problems such as excessive hair growth, polycystic ovary syndrome, acne, and excess weight gain may occur due to hormonal disorders. If you have both hair loss and the aforementioned findings, you can have a blood test at the nearest health institution.

Hair Loss Due to Seasonal Changes

Seasonal hair loss occurs due to the psychological and physical effects of seasonal changes. All individuals who experience depression in the winter and feel chronic fatigue in the spring may experience shedding problems.

Hair Loss Due to Inadequate and Unbalanced Nutrition

Hair loss occurs in the absence of certain vitamins and minerals that keep the body healthy and alive. In one-way diets and excessive diets, the scalp cannot adequately provide blood circulation. If the vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and proteins that nourish our hair are not taken enough, hair loss and weakening of the hair occur.

Hair Loss Due to Psychological Causes

Stress, anxiety, and other psychological problems due to psychological reasons cause some chemical and hormonal reactions in our bodies. The brain is affected by these reactions and sends information to the adrenal glands. As a result, as androgen secretion cannot be produced adequately, hair follicles become lifeless, and shedding begins.

Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy Treatment

Hair loss occurs due to the side effects of the drugs used during chemotherapy used in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. When the treatment ends, the hair strands start to grow again.

Hair Loss Due to Pregnancy

As a result of excessive secretion of progesterone hormone in the body during pregnancy, hair follicles become lifeless and hair begins to dry. Therefore, spillage occurs. However, this situation is temporary and the shedding stops when the baby is born.

Hair Loss Due to Chemical Products

The use of shampoos, conditioners, and chemical products that are not suitable for the hair structure causes hair loss by disrupting the structure of the hair. Hairstyling products should not stay on the hair for a long time during the day. Using shampoos that are not suitable for the type of hair and that contain chemicals also cause hair loss.


How to Prevent Hair Loss?

hair loss Solutions
Hair loss Solutions


Every person suffering from hair loss is looking for an answer to the question of how to prevent hair loss. There are many alternative solutions to prevent hair loss.

We can list these solutions as follows:


Be gentle with your hair

You should avoid combing your hair with a hard brush. In addition, excessive application to your hair and non-organic hair dyes cause hair loss by disrupting the moisture balance of the hair. In addition, ponytail and braiding your hair too tight causes the blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles to deteriorate.

Use natural shampoo suitable for the hair structure

If you have dandruff, you should use a shampoo specially formulated for dandruff hair. If your hair is oily, you should choose shampoos that control the oil balance. If your hair has started to fall out, you should wash your hair with natural anti-hair loss shampoos.

Otherwise, your hair may be damaged and fall out.

Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Nourish hair roots

Another application for hair loss solution is to nourish the hair follicles. You can consume vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and folic acid to nourish your hair follicles.

Don’t wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day will cause the scalp to become oily over time. Oily scalp prepares the ground for hair loss. Therefore, even if your hair is oily very often, you should wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week, not every day.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women? 

Hair loss in women generally occurs as a result of androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss, aging, menopause, and thyroid disease. To prevent your hair from falling out, you can resort to the following treatments:


How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men? 

The rate of hair loss in men is higher than in women. Hair loss is inevitable, especially in advancing ages. Hair loss in men generally occurs as a result of male pattern shedding, androgenetic alopecia, aging, and low testosterone. You can apply the following treatments against hair loss by consulting your doctor:

Evocapil Plus Tablets
Evocapil Plus After Hair Transplantation Tablets

What Foods Prevent Hair Loss?

If you are worried about hair loss, you can look for a remedy with foods that prevent hair loss that helps stop hair loss.


Oily cold-water fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon contain high amounts of essential fatty acids and Omega 3. These supplements provide thickening of the scalp and nourishment of the hair follicles.


Eggs are a complete source of selenium, zinc, biotin, and protein. Eating 1 egg a day ensures healthy and fast growth of hair.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Many green leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard, and kale contain iron and vitamin A. Supplementing the body with iron nourishes lifeless hair follicles and stops hair loss.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain plenty of potassium, selenium, phosphorus, and zinc. Eating 1 handful of pumpkin seeds a day thickens the hair and prevents hair loss


Vitamins are the most powerful supplements that slow down hair loss and ensure healthy hair growth. Especially vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C, vitamin E, and calcium are among the most important vitamins for hair. Consuming almonds, walnut, avocado, and beet juice are among other foods that prevent hair loss.


Evocapil Plus tablets are formulated to stop hair loss and provide new hair growth. Used as a food supplement

Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss Set
Evocapil Plus Anti Hair Loss Set

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