How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

hair transplant
hair transplant

Health tourism in Turkey is highly popular. This led many individuals to search for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey for their operation. As in many other countries, there are lots of options in Turkey. There are some criteria you should be careful about when you are deciding best hair transplant in Turkey İstanbul.

Hair loss and baldness can be a serious problem that has negative effects on your psychology. In the past, it was harder to find a permanent solution for baldness. But with current hair transplant practices, it is possible to have natural-looking hair and hairline like you have never lost your hair. Because of this natural look, more people are choosing hair transplants to solve their hair loss problem permanently.

Hair Transplant in Turkey İstanbul

When you are considering Turkey as an option, you might want to have the best hair transplant in Turkey. In this case, you need to choose the clinic that suits your needs.

Doctors in Turkey are experienced in hair transplant operations. Doctors can perform different hair transplant operations such as FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant. Your doctor will choose the best hair transplant method for you based on your age, hair quality, and level of baldness.

In DHI hair transplant Turkey is one of the leading countries. DHI, which is also known as direct hair implanting is a method that combines hair extraction and hair implanting in one method. For hair extraction and hair implanting stages, special CHOI pens are used. These pens have special tips that extract hair roots/hair grafts from the donor area. It is possible to directly implant these grafts without keeping them in a special solution.

These hair transplant methods help doctors to create the most natural-looking hairline. Also, denser implanting is possible as these special pens help doctors to have flexible operation areas. Recovery of this method is shorter than other methods as there is no need to open channels for hair implants.

best hair transplant in Turkey
best hair transplant

Choosing Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Everyone wants their hair transplant operation to be in the best clinics. In this case, there are some things you need to consider when you are choosing the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. First, you need to decide on your clinic and your doctor. The experience and skills of the doctor play an important role in how successful your operation will be.

Another factor related to your selection might be the hair transplants in Turkey cost. Costs are often lower in Turkey than in other countries. But you should carefully evaluate your options in this country. Prices can differ among different cities. Hair transplant prices in popular cities such as İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir are higher than in other cities such as Antalya and Gaziantep.

Also, you need to talk to the doctor and the staff before your operation. If you are living in another country or in another city, you can make a video call. With advancements in technology, it is possible to talk over the phone. Many of the clinics in Turkey are offering this service to prevent additional costs on patients.

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