Methods in Hair Transplantation


Methods in hair transplantation
Methods in hair transplantation

Nowadays there are countless methods in the medical area for hair transplantation. So many opportunities that you can make. Especially in the beauty, and care areas. For example, the hair transplantation method is speedily increasing today.

So many people suffer from hair loss consult the clinics which do hair transplantation. They hope for the best results after getting hair transplantation.

Hair transplants in turkey will be guaranteed that you will get them. They use so many kinds of methods in hair transplantation. Methods are decided by doctor’s insight of medical history and your biological numbers such as your age. Constitutively there 3 approaches in hair transplantation in Turkey.

Methods in Hair Transplantation

When doctors decide which one use for you, they listen to you, too. Thus, they try to their best on you to get you better hair and result. These methods are; FUE, DHI, and non-shaving FUE technique. We will examine all these methods in this writing now.

  • FUE Technique: This is the main method of hair transplantation in Turkey. Most patients get their hair transplants using this method. FUE is not a surgical method and because of that, so many men (or patients) choose this one. Doctors will give your head some local anesthesia and you feel nothing at all. There are no incisions or stitches in this method. Doctors use some special instruments to do hair transplantation. In one session 3000 to 6000 grafts will be transplanted into your head. 6 months later your new hair will be growing in a perfect way.
  • DHI Technique: The main thing about this method is a pen made from gold. Because gold is the best metal that your body synchronizes. Like FUE, in DHI method there are no incisions or stitches. The advantage of DHI is about time you give to the clinic.
  • Non-Shaving FUE Technique: As you get from its name, you do not have to shave before the operation. All you have to do is grow your hair a little bit before the procedure.

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