Bio Fiber Hair Transplantation

Bio-Fiber hair transplantation was very common during the 1970s and so many people used this technique in those days. Biofiber hair is mean artificial hair transplantation. There are a big amount of people who get it nowadays. But of course, with the highest technology, this method is no longer used as much as it used to be. However, there are some people who choose this method instead of FUE or some other Daily methods.

What is Bio Fiber Hair Transplantation?

The artificial hair transplant method generally is used for people who do have not enough hair roots in their transplant area. Therefore natural hair transplantation cannot be done on those people.

Nowadays some big clinics invested in and developed this procedure. In the 1980s there is some serious diseases on people who get this procedure. But today this procedure is safer than it used to be. Even so, you should be careful about if you think getting this method. You should be getting it in some really big and professional clinic to get it.

Bio fiber hair transplantation
Bio fiber hair transplantation

In Bio Fiber hair transplantation, your natural hair roots are not used by doctors. Instead of that artificial hair roots are used for your hair transplantation. You should know that there might be some allergies to this method. Therefore you should check all your biological numbers before the operation.

Bio-fiber hair transplantation is more like the DHI method. Like DHI, in the bio fiber method your hair canal is opened by an Implanter which we can call a ‘pen.’

What are the important things about bio-fiber hair transplantation?

Although the development of this method there are some permanent complications of bio fiber hair transplantation. Which are;

  • Bio fiber cannot be done on your temporal or foreign head area. Because the skin is very thin in those areas.
  • It is not a permanent procedure. The transplanted hair’s life is almost 8 or 10 years.
  • There might be seen some infections or acne in the transplanted area.

3 thoughts on “Bio Fiber Hair Transplantation

  1. Mazen Al Hadoua says:

    Hello there
    I have alopecia universalis for 22 years and I lost all my hair
    Can I do a biofiber hair transplant??
    Please I need your help

  2. carl wall says:

    I am an afro caribbean male with dreadlocks that are balding and thinning. I do not want to cut my hair off. I do not mind biofibe hair or a mixture of FUE and biofibre hair implant.

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